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Cleaf Metro Collection

US RTA CABINETS Metro Collection by Cleaf
Cleaf US Made Cabinets

Luciano Caspani, together with his brother Fausto and his father Agostino, in 1975 founded Cleaf (Caspani Luciano E Agostino Fausto), today a production company for innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries.

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The METRO Collection includes:

64 varieties of CLEAF's Thermo Structured Surface designs

3 varieties of CLEAF's embossed Linen
6 varieties of CLEAF's TALCO

CLEAF Thermo Structured Surface boards are made from unique decorative papers that are treated with melamine resins that under heat and pressure become part of the panel itself hence the term Thermo Structured Surface (TSS). The application of an irreversible thermal hardening treatment and the special preparation and processing, allow remarkable 3 dimensional effects, bringing the surface to life and endowing it with extraordinary technical performance. The METRO Collection is a group of sixty-four select CLEAF Thermo Structured Surface Carb 2 compliant boards that replicate both the look and feel of natural wood grain. The patterns and textures of the METRO Collection by CLEAF offers an impressive range of options for creating stunning custom interior spaces.

We are so impressed by the durability of CLEAF we made a video! Check it out here.

If you enjoyed that video, we also made one showing CLEAF Carbone being cut on our CNC. Check it out here.

  • Cleaf B011 White Scultura 1

Cleaf White Scultura

  • Cleaf Total White Talco

Cleaf Total White Talco

  • Cleaf B073 White Ares

Cleaf White Ares

  • Cleaf Metro Ares Concrete 1
  • Cleaf Metro Ares Concrete 2
  • Cleaf Metro Ares Concrete 3
  • Cleaf Metro Ares Concrete 4
  • Cleaf Metro Ares Concrete 5

Ares Concrete

  • Cleaf Metro Cool Grey Linen
  • Cleaf Metro Cool Grey Linen 2
  • Cleaf Metro Cool Grey Linen Interior

Cool Grey Linen

Add a touch of elegance with a Linen interior. Scratch resistant and easy to clean, linen interiors also feature 13 hour water resistance, perfect for laundry rooms!

  • Cleaf Metro Cypress Point

Cypress Point

  • Cleaf Metro French Grey
  • Cleaf Metro French Grey 2
  • Cleaf Metro French Grey 3

French Grey

  • Cleaf Metro Java Chestnut

Java Chestnut

  • Cleaf Khaki Linen

Khaki Linen

If you are looking for something different, consider upgrading to a linen interior. Durable resin textured surface has the look of threaded fibers. Ultra resilient thermo-fused panels resist scratches and dents better than birch or maple UV cured interiors, and feature 13 hour water resistance. Choose from Khaki, Cool Grey, or Guerrilla for a unique and durable interior look.

  • Cleaf Metro Lakeshore Oak

Lakeshore Oak

  • Cleaf Metro Lounge Brown

Lounge Brown

  • Cleaf Metro Noce Daniella

Noce Daniella

  • Cleaf Metro Oregon Pine 1
  • Cleaf Metro Oregon Pine 2
  • Cleaf Metro Oregon Pine 3
  • Cleaf Metro Oregon Pine 4
  • Cleaf Metro Oregon Pine 5
  • Cleaf Metro Oregon Pine 6

Oregon Pine

  • Cleaf Metro Palissandro


  • Cleaf Metro Palissandro Blue

Palissandro Blue

  • Cleaf Metro Palissandro Blue

Palissandro Blue

  • Cleaf Metro Pebble Beach 1
  • Cleaf Metro Pebble Beach 2
  • Cleaf Metro Pebble Beach 3

Pebble Beach

  • Cleaf Metro Stratus Pinea

Stratus Pinea

  • Cleaf Metro Toasted Espresso 1
  • Cleaf Metro Toasted Espresso 2
  • Cleaf Metro Toasted Espresso 3

Toasted Espresso

  • Cleaf Metro Tuscan Cypress 1
  • Cleaf Metro Tuscan Cypress 2

Tuscan Cypress

  • Cleaf Metro Vineyard Oak

Vineyard Oak

  • Cleaf White Leather

White Leather

  • Cleaf Maya Bronze Light 1

Maya Bronze Light

  • Cleaf Guerrilla Linen

Guerrilla Linen

  • Cleaf Fiascherino


  • Cleaf Maya Bronze Light 1

Maya Bronze Light

  • Cleaf Beige Leather

Beige Leather

  • Cleaf Arena Leather 1

Arena Leather

  • Cleaf Brun Leather

Brun Leather

  • Cleaf Corda Talco

Corda Talco

  • Cleaf Visone Talco 1

Visone Talco

  • Cleaf Caffe Talco

Caffe Talco

  • Cleaf Grigio Talco

Grigio Talco