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Custom Cleaf Oregon Pine Cabinet Installation

With Point Loma views on the outside,

You'll want to see Cleaf on the inside

Custom US RTA Cabinets installation Point Loma California

Here we see the Point Loma kitchen, an empty vessel waiting to be filled.

Custom cabinet installation Point Loma by US RTA Cabinets

This 22" deep wall cannot be removed. So, how do we deal with it? Keep reading, you'll see an amazing Houdini impression.

Point Loma 3D Design 1

Island view of original 3D design.

Point Loma 3D Design 2

Pantry wall original 3D design view. Remember that wall?

Point Loma 3D Design 3

We are going to make it disappear into the pantry. From inside the pantry you cannot tell the wall is there, you'll have to trust us, we don't have that picture...

Oregon Pine Cabinet Installation 1

Cabinets are shimmed and set into place.

Sink Base with Roll Out Tray

The floor is clearly not level. Under the first cabinet on the left is a vent, the toekick will have a cutout for a vent cover. Sink cabinet features full height doors and a roll out tray. The cabinet on the left of the sink is a trash bin cabinet.

Custom Cleaf Oregon Pine Wine Rack

The Cleaf Oregon Pine wine rack features walnut bottle supports that match the walnut bench tops and shelves. The entire cabinet is cut from Cleaf.

Custom Cleaf Bench Cabinet with Walnut Top

Matching storage bench cabinet in Oregon Pine. The bench is notched to allow the top to open. A wine fridge will take the open space.

Custom Cleaf Oregon Pine Storage Bench seat

Shaker panels and flush toe kick add the finishing touch to the storage bench.

Cleaf Oregon Pine Mud Room Cabinets

A mud room was added opposite the storage bench. The wall is sheathed in Oregon Pine and hooks will be added later for hanging backpacks.

Completed Cleaf Oregon Pine Intstallation

The installation is completed, counter tops are on, and matching walnut shelves are added.

View of Custom Cleaf Oregon Pine Island

The island back features Oregon Pine Shaker door panels. The white squares under the counter top are surface mount electrical outlets -mounted under the counter top.

View of the base cabinets

This kitchen has 5-piece Shaker doors and 3-piece Sienna drawer fronts. The lazy susan cabinet has Slab doors because they are too small for shaker, and we thought the 3-piece Sienna door would not look right here.

View of the Cleaf Sienna drawer fronts

We helped the customer track down inexpensive handles that have the same shape as the handle on the sub-zero refrigerator. Notice the handles are placed higher on the 2nd and 3rd drawers, this isn't technically symmetrical, but would you want to reach down further to open the drawers?

Custom Cleaf Oregon Pine Pantry

The stub wall is hidden behind the filler and part of the pantry. The wine cooler also has a waterfall counter top.

Completed Cleaf Oregon Pine wine rack

Traditional wine racks use a lot of space, with only one wall cabinet in the kitchen we didn't want to take half of it for a wine rack -our solution, make a base cabinet wine rack.

Completed Oregon Pine Shaker Glass door cabinet

The glass door cabinet is cut entirely from Oregon Pine and features shaker doors. Acid etched glass obscures the inside.

Inside view of glass door cabinet

The matching interior of the glass door cabinet makes it a bit more expensive but is worth it.

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