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Custom RTA Cabinets Featuring Cleaf Bagnola and Fiascherino

Getting the most from small spaces

Custom RTA Kitchen cabinets featuring Cleaf Bagnola and Cleaf Fiascherino

Cleaf Bagnola uppers and Cleaf Fiascherino Island kitchen cabinets. This kitchen also features Tresco under cabinet and toe kick lighting. The wall is also wrapped in Cleaf Bagnola.

Custom RTA Kitchen cabinets featuring Cleaf Bagnola Pantry and Cleaf Fiascherino Island

Cleaf Fiascherino (horizontal grain) island cabinets. The near cabinet is an under counter refrigerator with two drawers. The upper drawer on the three drawer base features a docking drawer from Docking Drawer.

Custom three drawer kitchen cabinet featuring Cleaf Bagnola

Cleaf Bagnola base cabinets. The corner cabinet features The Cloud two tier organizer from Rev-A-Shelf. The Tresco lighting is visible under the upper cabinets.

Custom RTA kitchen cabinets featuring Cleaf Bagnola and Cleaf Fiascherino Thermo Fused Panels

The refrigerator cabinet and tall end panel are extra deep to match the depth of the wrapped wall. The island also features a microwave drawer.

Custom RTA Kitchen Pantry with Roll Out Trays with Cleaf Bagnola

The pantry in Cleaf Bagnola (vertical grain) is 48" wide and 26" deep for tons of storage, the roll out trays make reaching things in the back easy.

Custom RTA Kitchen Utility Cabinet Featuring Cleaf Bagnola

This utility cabinet features a tall bottom section for storing brooms and vacuum.

Custom RTA Vanity Cabinet featuring Cleaf Bagnola

The vanity in the laundry room is also Cleaf Bagnola but is less than 18" deep because of space limitations.

Custom RTA Vanity Cabinet with split top drawers featuring Cleaf Bagnola

This vanity in Cleaf Bagnola (horizontal grain) features a split top drawer making the organization of small items more practical.

Custom RTA laundry cabinets and vanity featuring Cleaf Bagnola

The washer and dryer are built-in using Cleaf Bagnola and the cabinets above 18" deep for easy access and maximum storage.

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 Cleaf Thermo Fused Panels
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 Custom RTA Cabinets Featuring Cleaf Bagnola and Fiascherino
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