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"Don't know the reason, stayed here all season" -Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet Did Not Stay Here (that we know of)

Cleaf Oregon Pine takes on the Airbnb challenge

Cleaf Oregon Pine Kitchen Cabinets in San Clemente

Airbnb this close to the beach? You are going to want cabinets that can take everything coming their way.

Custom Cleaf Oregon Pine Sienna Door Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaf Sienna doors and drawers feature vertical grain stiles and horizontal grain center panels. The subtle grain pattern and off-white shades exude warmth and the beachy feeling of sun-bleached driftwood.

Sloping Roof Line Presents a Challenge

Our original design included wall cabinets that followed the roof line, this was purely aesthetic since the upper sections would be hard to reach. The customer opted to save a bit and follow the lower roof line for the tops of the cabinets. If not for the island, it would be hard to find a spot for the dishwasher. The island also features a prep-sink so you can put someone else to work, giving everyone more time for margaritas!

Custom RTA Kitchen cabinets featuring Cleaf Oregon Pine

The island also adds extra counter top space and seating for family and friends. Counter top space would be limited without the addition of the island.

Cleaf Oregon Pine 3 Drawer Base Cabinet

Plenty of flexible storage here. On each side of the sink is a 6" Rev-A-Shelf pull out and plenty of drawers. The trash bin is also Rev-A-Shelf and tucked between the sink and the range, perfect placement for ease of use.

Custom Corner Cabinet Drawers in Cleaf Oregon Pine

The corner space is tight, so a perfect application for corner drawers. Lazy Susan doors would be clunky to use in this space, and a big open cabinet here would be perfect for storing items that would never be seen again. However, this is a short-term rental property and the drawers help organization and ease of access.

Custom RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Beach Property

Did we mention this property is close to the beach? Imagine solid wood doors trying to cope with the humidity cycling here. These Oregon Pine cabinets are so close to the water they can practically taste the sea salt, but neither humidity and bright sunlight nor margarita flinging visitors will diminish these rugged Cleaf cabinets.

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