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"I want to see it painted, painted black" -Rolling Stones

New. Better. Best. That's the Menifee city motto.

These cabinets are right in line with the spirit of Menifee

Custom Wall Feature with glass tile and Luxe High Gloss Acrylic Panels

The Luxe High Gloss Negro acrylic panel feature wall also has a row of gold tone glass tiles.

Custom wall feature with space for television and glass furnace in Black High Gloss Acrylic Luxe Panels

A Closer look at the glass tiles and Luxe Panels. The wall required five sheets of 48" (w) x 108" (h) Luxe High Gloss Negro. The total wall measures 132" wide and 144" high.

Image shows the wall furring prior to attaching the Luxe High Gloss Negro Panels

A look at the preparation for the tile and Luxe panels. The wall was not plumb, so the wall was furred with 2x4's and 1/2" OSB to give the tile and Luxe a flat surface for attachment. The glass tiles are set in black Schluter trim, which blends into the high gloss acrylic panels nicely. The television cavity was also lined with Luxe and over sized to allow for the inclusion of a speaker bar under the television.

Custom RTA Kitchen cabinets featuring Black Satin Shaker

Custom pantry cabinets with black satin shaker doors. End panels on the tall cabinets are shaker panels to match the fronts.

Custom RTA Kitchen cabinets featuring Black Shaker Pantry and Built In Refrigerator

This row of cabinets has three 36" drawer base cabinets with three drawers each on one side of the range and a smaller three drawer cabinet on the right for storage flexibility.

Custom black shaker cabinets with waterfall island countertops

The island back is a full 117" wide panel painted in matching black satin.

Custom RTA Garage Cabinet in Black Shaker with Blum Aventos Lift

The garage cabinet has Blum Aventos HL lifts, these are perfect for garage cabinets since you don't need to worry about keeping the counter clear. The counter top runs all the way into the garage, making storage of large appliances easy.

Custom Black Shaker Tray Divider Cabinet

Tray divider cabinet next to the microwave helps keep baking sheets in order.

Custom RTA Microwave Base Cabinet with drawer

The drawer under the microwave is perfect for storing microwave safe bowls in one place.

Custom Black Shaker Trash Bin Cabinet with Rev-a-Shelf Bins

The trash bin cabinet features a full height door and Rev-A-Shelf dual 50 quart trash bins (perfect for standard 13 gallon tall kitchen trash bags).

Custom RTA Pantry Cabinets with black shaker doors

The black shaker doors being installed on the pantry wall. Each of the pantry sections feature three adjustable shelves (oddly not installed at this point). The Maple ply interiors are visible here, along with a bottle of champagne -likely reserved for the "We're glad it's done!" celebration.

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